6 days ago the U.S State Department weighed in on the Coup in Myanmar But nothing since. Am assuming it actually takes time to review the last four years of policy, deals, agreements etc, so while we haven’t had an update yet this week, the needle is moving. According to a State Department briefing the Government of Burma — including the Burmese military — is already subject to a number of foreign assistance restrictions, including statutory restrictions on military assistance, due to its human rights record. Those who led the military seizure of the power in Burma are many of…

Pope Francis strongly urges military leaders in Myanmar to release political prisoners and return to Democracy in his annual “state of the world” address. The Pope spoke of his affection and closeness to the people of Myanmar, after his 2017 visit. Although the Pope did not address his silence on the genocide of Rohingya Muslims by the same military forces involved in the Coup, he did ask for forgiveness from Royingya people rebuilding lives after the brutal attacks.

Biden lifts Transgender ban on the Military. Hallelujah! In the first week of his presidency, Biden has done more for American justice by lifting and eliminating racist and discriminatory policy than anything we have seen in the last four years, including this milestone. While the military may seem like an unlikely place for Transgender people, I reiterate The New York Times…

Sen. Chuck Schumer must resist the Filibuster to protect black and brown people from further legislative assault by Republicans. SEN. BERNIE SANDERS gets it right when he puts Republicans on notice he will use the process of reconciliation to pass critical budget legislation. However, this only works with budgetary matters. Civil rights and social justice legislation will get easily blocked by the Filibuster. Indeed it is a relic of Jim Crowe meant to purposely deny rights to free slaves. Here’s what Bernie has to say about reconciliation: “I criticized the Republicans, yeah, for using reconciliation to give tax breaks to…

According to The King Center “The Beloved Community” is a term that was first coined in the early days of the 20th Century by the philosopher-theologian Josiah Royce, who founded the Fellowship of Reconciliation. However, it was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., also a member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, who popularized the term and invested it with a deeper meaning which has captured the imagination of people of goodwill all over the world.

Photo by Suzy Brooks on Unsplash

For Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Beloved Community was a specific, measurable, and achievable goal this great mind believed could be reached under three conditions:

Oxfam report in January 2020 said India’s richest 1 percent hold over four times the wealth of 953 million people who make up the poorest 70 percent of the country’s population. The wealth of the nation’s top nine billionaires is equivalent to the wealth of the bottom 50 percent of the population, according to the non-profit body that works against inequality. …

Merrick Garland “underwhelming” with record of inability to hold police accountable. Elie Mystal, justice correspondent for The Nation, says Garland is an “underwhelming” pick, given his judicial record. “People need to remember that Garland was picked for the Supreme Court because he was a compromise candidate,” says Mystal. “This is a centrist jurist who has a history — a troubling history, to me — of being deferential to police and being unwilling to hold police accountable for acts of brutality and misconduct. I am a little bit underwhelmed by the Garland pick. People need to remember that Garland was picked…

Compared to the “ Hitler Youth ” and snubbed by potential employers, Trump security officials told they would be a “liability” Gotta love this real time law of Karma, the law of Attraction in full manifestation! After the armed insurrection at the White House and the infiltration of white terrorist in capitol police forces, hard for any one to feel safe with these jokers around. From the article..

Trump Republicans take over Pennsylvania Statehouse and prevent swearing in of democratically elected officials. In a contentious, chaotic session, Republicans voted to remove Lt. Gov. John Fetterman as the Senate president and to replace him with the top Republican in the chamber. The lieutenant governor refused at first to leave the rostrum, and for several minutes both he and the Republican voted into his place tried to recognize motions from the floor. Eventually, Mr. Fetterman stepped away.

‘Archaic’ US electoral system does not meet democratic standards: Russia Russia said Thursday that an “archaic” US electoral system that does not meet democratic standards and the politicisation of the media were to blame for American divisions and unrest in Washington.

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